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Super heros have sidekicks. You have... meetings, phone calls, paperwork, more meetings, remembering to pick up the kids from that thing... somewhere... you think. Enter, your Web Sidekick!

Professional Web Design
& Wordpress Development.

Clean, intuitive websites built using the latest standards, protocols, and applications.

Complete custom Wordpress theme and plugin development. Your website, the way you want it.

  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • Latest Wordpress release
  • Latest Bootstrap version
  • Latest Fontawesome Pro
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About Us

Who Are We?

Well... In addition to being your new Sidekick, we are a website and online application development company, based in Gadsden, Alabama. We build online tools and products for businesses, churches, and organizations. We specialize in custom Wordpress theme and plugin development.

Web Sidekick Website Development

Find out how effective a well-built, responsive website can be at incresing online traffic and search engine ranking.

User Interface

We use the best, most trusted tools available.


We have been building websites and Wordpress applications for more than a decade.

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Responsive Design

Responsive (mobile-first) design means that your website looks great on any device - mobile or desktop, without having to maintain multiple sets of code or content. The content is automatically formatted to fit the current screen dimensions. Responding on-the-fly means users get the best formatted view based on whether their device is in "Landscape" or "Portrait" mode. No pinching to zoom in & out!

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Interactive Content

We make it easy for customers to contact you. Your website will have “tappable” or “clickable” links such as email addresses, phone numbers, sms, maps, etc. If your customers are viewing your website on a mobile device, tapping on a phone number will open their phone app with your company’s number ready to call. Other links open their respective apps.

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Focus on SEO

Developing with Search Engine Optimization in mind is important to your website's search engine ranking. With updated, mobile friendly code, your organic (not pay-per-click) search rankings are improved, making it easier for customers to find your company’s website.

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Admin Dashboard

Add/editing your website's content (pages, blog posts, menu items, etc.) is as simple as editing a Word document. Simply drag-and-drop and click "Publish". No coding skills needed!

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Custom Plugins

Need something other than a standard blog post? Maybe you post sermons, music, products, or videos. Or maybe you want a customized Staff page where each person has specific contact info. No problem!

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Serious Security

With regular backups, monthly security checks, and ongoing code updates, we make sure your website and customers are as safe as possible.

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Have a project?

Need a web sidekick? We're ready to serve! Our top professionals are ready to help your organization reach its online goals.

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If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please give us a call or drop us an email.

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